Proposed Special Issue 1

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Prof. Dr. Hassan A.H. Al-Shamahy



Case reports from the viewpoint of the researcher and the patient: the human suffering from the disease.

About this Research Topic

The submitted articles could be described patients' experiences of living with diseases and treatments. For example a case repot of patients with COVID, Arthritis mutilans, TB, etc with comments or narrative of patients suffering etc. Article may include details of disease, and Patients suffering and story of treatment that has been associated with medical practitioners in treating and supporting these conditions of chronic diseases.


  1. Understanding the different diseases.
  2. Patients views about health, mental status, treatment, expectations from physicians/hospitals.
  3. Results of the treatment.
  4. Importance/conclusion of the treatment for patient suffering from same diseases.

Type of manuscript:

Review, Systematic Review, Original Article, Hypothesis and Theory, Case study, Editorial.


Disease, medicines, patient history, treatment duration.

Important Note:

All contributions to this Research Topic must be within the scope of the section and journal to which they are submitted, as defined in their mission statements. UJPR reserves the right to guide an out-of-scope manuscript to a more suitable section or journal at any stage of peer review.

Manuscript submission:

Authors may submit their manuscript by the online submission system. Authors must mention that submitted articles are for the special issue. In case of any technical issues, authors may inform and submit their articles as an email attachments at Our experts will try to solve the issue and finally articles will be accepted only through online submission system.

The author(s) should check following:
Authors should check instructions for details.
  1. Originality- The submission is original, submitted only to this journal, and not under consideration for publication or already published in another journal.
  2. No copy and paste- Any sentence should be not be copied from other sources.
  3. Corresponding author- Manuscript submitting author/corresponding author have to takes responsibility for the submission on behalf of all authors.
  4. Format of manuscript- Format of manuscript should be strictly as per our guidelines. That all authors should review, approved, and consented to the submission, and they will be accountable for all aspects of its accuracy and integrity in accordance with UJPR.

Paper Submission Deadline:

25 July 2021

Date of release of issue:

1 November 2021

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Status/ Review stage

Dr. Hassan A. Al-Shamahy



Traveling through life with arthritis mutilans: humanity joins all medical practitioners in treating and supporting the condition of chronic arthritis mutilans case


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