Editorial Workflow

Editorial flow of UJPR describes the overall process through which each manuscript undergoes during the peer review process. All submitted articles are assessed at the initial stage that the article lies within the scope of the journal or not and the compliance of the article for specific article type mentioned by the author. Then the preliminary technical check is applied to each article. If any requisites are missing or article contain plagiarism, then it will be sent back to author for revision and for the required requisites. Then the manuscript is assigned to the potential reviewers for two peer reviews. Assigned reviewers are responsible to scrutinize a manuscript technically and check the content quality of the manuscript. Once the review comments and decision of the reviewers are received by the Editorial Office then the manuscript is then assigned to handling Editor for further decision on the article as per the policy of journal. Editor is responsible for providing the decision based on the comments and their relevance and suitability with the manuscript. In such circumstances Editors decision is final. If assigned Editor decides to send the article back to author for revision, it will be then forwarded to the authors for revision and authors are liable to send back the revised manuscript to the Editorial Office within the tentative time mentioned. Once the revised manuscript is received it will be further inspected in relation to the incorporation of the specified points marked by editor and the assigned Editor may provide the decision or send back to the reviewer once more depending on the comparative status and enrichment of the manuscript. In every step of this process Editor-in-Chief is having the right to interfere and take the final decision even after the decision taken by the assigned Editor. Then the revised manuscript is finally updated online followed by the PDF of the paper.