Dr. Rola Jadallah is an assistant professor for Biology & biotechnology at the Arab American University in Jenin, Palestine.  She is General Director for NIO call Tafawq concentrated on improving higher education. In 2015 Consulate Jerusalem honors Dr. Rola I. Jadallah for  the Women in Science.  In October 2012 she became an elected member of the Araba municipality. She participate and trained in the Global Leadership Academy’s Passion and Politics Lab supported by German government . During the Lab, she started a change project called ‘Societal Accountability’. Also worked on three education projects as a director and a trainer for both pre service and in service teacher 2007 till now. She was Manager for Deep Democracy Institute at Oregon, three year program Process-oriented Leadership (2007 -2013).

Her field of specialization is Medical Microbiology . She has more than 23 yrs of academic and industrial experience.

Funded Projects

  1. Investigation on Agrobatcerium Spp. Prevalence in Jenin, Funded by Arab American University. Funded by Arab American University (3000$)
  2. The role of human papillomavirus and Chlamydia trachomatics infections for cervical abnormalities west bank. Funded by  Arab University Unions (25000$)



Affiliation: Arab American University,  Jenin, Palestine

E-mail: rola@aauj.edu