Dr. Fátima Morales Marín is working as as a researcher at the University of Murcia, Spain.

  • Organic synthesis, for development of optimum reaction conditions and/or for multiple synthesis.
    Purification techniques such as HPLC, chromatography and crystallization.
  • Proficient in NMR and Mass Spectroscopy.
  • Cell culture lab techniques such as MTT experiments, DAPI assays and Western Blot.
  • Imaging: Optical Microscopy, Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope (Fluorescence Microscopy).
  • Molecular modeling for drug development.

Participation in Research Projects
1. “CDK9inhibitors for targeted cancer therapy”. Finnacial support from the Sbarro Heath Research Organization (SHRO), Temple University, Philadelphia, USA. 2015. Fátima Morales Marín.
2. “Evaluation of the alimentary-nutritional, hygienic-sanitary and ambient state of the children living in rural areas of Riobamba, Ecuador’. 2015. Fátima Morales Marín and Marcela Guerendiain. Approved by the Universidad Nacional del Chimborazo.
3. “Determination of the active ingredients of medicinal plants with ancestral use in Chimborazo province”. Financial support from the Universidad Nacional del Chimborazo. 2014. Ing. Félix Falconí (UNACH).
4. “Design and synthesis of New Seven and Eight-Membered Heterocyclic Compounds as Antitumoral Drugs against Breast Cancer” (SAF2010-18263). Financial support from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. 2011. Miguel Ángel Gallo Mezo (University of Granada).



Affiliation: University of Murcia, Spain.

E-mail: fatima.morales@um.es