Dr. Sai Prachetan Balguri is working as ORISE Fellow at U.S. FDA

Research Area

  • Role of Rheo-tribology in pediatric dosage form design.
  • In vitro assessments for mouthfeel, texture and taste perception for pediatric dosage form development.
  • Physiologically based PK/PD modelling for prediction of oral pharmacokinetics in pediatrics.
  • Developed solid nano-emulsifying delivery systems of novel anti-malarial agent (Artemisinin Dimer Oxime) for overcoming poor oral bioavailability.
  •  Development of clotrimazole loaded amorphous solid dispersions utilizing hot-melt extrusion technology.
  •  Development of Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol nanoemulsion for topical delivery.
  •  Evaluated the effect of Cyclodextrins on corneal morphological characteristics (in vitro).
  •  Preparation and evaluation of Indomethacin loaded surface functionalized Lipid nano-particulates for retinal delivery using homogenization/ultra-sonication method.
  •  Design, development and feasibility evaluation of Hot-melt extruded topical polymeric matrix films for delivery into back-of-the eye.
  •  Natamycin loaded cationic lipid based frameworks for treatment of fungal keratitis.
  •  Mucus penetrating topical PEGylated lipid nano-carriers of Ciprofloxacin for the intervention of corneal ulcers.
  •  Pre-formulation of poorly water soluble drugs including but not limited to powder flow properties, solubility, pKa and partition coefficient determination, solid/solution state stability.
  •  Process optimization and validation of various In vitrorelease and transmembrane transport set-ups for high-throughput screening of prototype formulations.
  •  Profound experiential knowledge in designing and executing in-vitrorelease testing (IVRT), in-vitropermeation testing (IVPT) for topicals and In vitro bio-relevant dissolution testing (IVDT) for solid/liquid oral formulations.
  •  Pharmacodynamic activity and pharmacokinetic studies of topical ocular formulations in glaucomatous and normotensive rabbit models.