Antlions are a family of insects given the zoological classification Myrmeleontidae. The name is rooted in the Greek words myrmex (ant) and leon (lion). Since it preys primarily on ants, the antlion is, metaphorically speaking, a "lion" among ants. The name "antlion" best describes this insect's predacious larval form—a mottled gray or brown creature with an oversized head, spiny jaws, short legs, and a soft body covered in bristles. Along with the beneficial effects of ant lion in agriculture, they have been found to be containing various bioactive components such as polypeptides and alkaloids. They have been proved to be useful as therapeutic agents in treatment of various human ailments such as diabetes, convulsion and also in back pain. This review article summarizes some chemical constituents of the insect and some pharmacological uses as reported by various studies.


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Name: Dr. Lucky Llegbosi Nwidu

Affiliation: University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria

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Name: Dr. Mohamed Derbali

Affiliation: Faculty of Pharmacy, Monastir, Tunisia

E-mail: mohamed.edderbali@gmail.com

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Keywords: Ant lion, chemical components, therapeutic uses
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