Dr. Andrzej Szymański is an Assistant professor in Poznan University of Technology, Faculty of Chemical Technology, Institute of Chemistry and Technical Electrochemistry, Department of General and Analytical Chemistry, Berdychowo 4, 60-965 Poznan, Poland.

Research, and scientific activity focused mainly on the issues listed below, which belong to the field of environmental chemistry, and physical chemistry of materials:

  •  Biochemistry, biotechnology and biodegradation processes of surfactants
    • Physical, analytical and environmental chemistry of surfactants/their metabolites
    • The use of electroanalytical techniques and methods in the technical, and environmental analysis
    • Applications of electroanalytical, chromatographic and spectrometric methods in analytical and environmental chemistry
    • The impact of the chemical contaminants (mainly surfactants) on the environment, and living organisms
    • Synthesis and study the physicochemical properties of ion-pairs precipitates of alkoxylates with complex inorganic salts
    • Bioinorganic chemistry and physicochemical properties of boron, rhenium and their compounds
    • Radiation protection and research on construction materials for nuclear power
The most important research and scientific achievement:
The development of different variants of indirect tensammetric techniques (ITT), and based on them methods (ITM) for the determination of alkoxylates in environmental water samples.
Bibliometric data:
Scientific output is comprised from of about 300 published texts, including:
• 79 publications (including 54 in reputable journals with Impact Factor)
• About 220 abstracts of speeches, and posters presented at scientific conferences



Affiliation: Poznan University of Technology, Poland.

E-mail: andrzej.szymanski@put.poznan.pl